Cover for book 1 in the Blood Merge series: Cursed

Blood Merge: Book One


Cursed – Blood Merge: Book One

“Hell, if she was going to die, it might as well follow an orgasm.”

Jacob had the flu that just wouldn’t go away – at least, he thought he did. Perhaps the flu would have been preferable to what reality had in store.

Sienna didn’t think that she was particularly special. No delusions of grandeur here. A chance meeting with a vampire, however, proves that she is one of a kind.

Greyvian’s life had never been easy. In fact, one could say that it had been downright depressing. Being the only human-blood drinking vampire in existence was bad enough, but that had merely been the beginning.

Be it Fate, Chance, or pure dumb luck, when these three lives intertwine, everything seems to happen for a reason.

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