What should a book review contain?

A good review should not be a 250-350 word synopsis of a book with a one sentence opinion thrown onto the end of it, (I’m talking about you, Kirkus reviews!). A good review should tell everyone who reads it how the story made the reviewer feel.
Here is a nice little list that I found from selfpublishingadvice.org.

  • Were the characters strong?
  • Was the dialogue crisp?
  • Did the plot have twists and turns, and was it full of surprises?
  • Was the ending satisfying?
  • Did it keep you up at night reading?
  • Did you run and tell a friend about it?

Now that would be a worthwhile review. (Kirkus charges US$425 for the synopsis review. Apparently, though, the real reason you’re spending $425 is to get credibility and recognition – if they like it – from a trusted source. Worth it? Maybe. Maybe not.)

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