Correct English Grammar: Could Of or Could Have?

Correct English Grammar: Could Of or Could Have? | Ninja Creative.

I now see the light! A friend of mine has been going over my book and picked me up on some of my grammar mistakes – one of them being my use of ‘could of’ and ‘would of’ and ‘hadn’t of’. (Actually, it was only hadn’t of. But the others also apply.)

I never would of pun intended noticed unless she’d said something.

According to the article above:

The problem lies when you shorten ‘could have’ to ‘could’ve’.

Try saying it. It sounds like ‘could of’ doesn’t it? Those unfamiliar with the English language or even those who have just grown up saying it this way, can therefore be forgiven for thinking that ‘could of’ is correct.

So now I know.

Are there any grammar mishaps that you are guilty of, but didn’t know it, until somebody pointed it out to you?

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